My Name is Hugh

As a child I grew up in Scotland, and moved about quite a bit before finally in my early twenties I rested up in London.  What can I say? I fell in love with this city and so have lived here more or less ever since.  If I had to describe my art I’d say that I am a visual anthropologist focusing  on street & reportage my other great passion is art & those who create it ‘the artists’. Digital art & reproduction is piff, so’s illustrating, photo-manipulation, stencilling, montaging, and so on.

I built London Digital Arts to highlight the amazing work that’s being created in this city what it is and the people doing the creating I also hope to collaborate with other artists and designers from around the globe

I have been very lucky to have been given the gift of sight, not just in seeing things but in understanding what I am looking at and now I see that we are now fully immersed in the digital age a new period of renaissance which  is going to be the greatest age for creativity and this excites me because there are no limits to our imaginations once we break the chains of doubt.

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Your words were such an inspiration to me

Marta Demartini
an inspired viewer